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In the bustling world of foodservice operations, maintaining the quality and temperature of food is paramount. This is where steam table pans come into play. They're a staple in most commercial kitchens, buffets, and cafeterias. However, choosing the right size for your needs can be a bit of a challenge. In this blog post, we'll walk you through the process of correctly sizing steam table pans.

Understanding the Basics

Steam table pans, also known as hotel pans, are standardized in size according to the North American foodservice industry norms. The standard full-size steam table pan measures 20 ¾” x 12 ¾” (length x width) and is often used as a reference point when discussing pan size.

The sizes of steam table pans are typically described in terms of fractions of a full-size pan. For instance, a half-size pan is approximately half the size of a full-size pan, while a third-size pan is roughly one-third the size, and so on.

Depth is another crucial aspect to consider when sizing steam table pans. The depths vary from 2 ½” to 6”, with the most common being 2 ½” for cold food, 4” for hot food, and 6” for bulk items and liquids.

kichking hotel pans

Choosing the Right Size

The right size for your steam table pan depends on several factors, including the type of food you're serving, the volume of food, and the available space.

1. Type of Food: Delicate food items such as fish fillets might require a smaller pan to prevent them from breaking apart. In contrast, larger pans can handle robust items like whole chickens.

2. Volume of Food: If you're serving large quantities of food, you'll need a deeper pan. However, if your menu changes frequently or you prefer to cook in smaller batches to maintain freshness, a shallower pan would be a better fit.

3. Space Availability: Keep in mind the size of your steam table or holding cabinet. A standard steam table can accommodate a certain combination of pan sizes. For instance, you could use one full-size pan, two half-size pans, or three third-size pans.

kichking hotel pans

Correctly sizing your steam table pans is crucial to ensure efficient food preparation and service. Remember to consider the type of food, the volume, and the available space when selecting the size of your pan.

Whether you're running a bustling commercial kitchen or setting up a buffet for a catering event, having a variety of steam table pan sizes on hand can help you maintain the quality and temperature of your dishes, ensuring a satisfying dining experience for your guests.

Now that you're armed with this knowledge, you're ready to choose the perfect steam table pans for your needs. Happy cooking!

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