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Cryotechnology plays a vital role in every aspect of our modern lives. From preserving food to creating a comfortable living environment, modern refrigeration technology is everywhere in our daily lives. However, have you ever wondered how people kept food fresh and drinks cool before the invention of the freezer? The answer lies in the once-thriving ice industry. Let’s peel back the history and learn how the ice industry worked before the advent of the freezer.
KICHKING Commercial Refrigerator & Freezer

Before the advent of freezers, ice was a precious commodity. During the winter, people would cut large blocks of ice from lakes or rivers and store them in underground ice cellars for use during the hot summer months. These ice cubes are used for various purposes such as keeping food fresh, cooling drinks, and even for medical purposes.

However, this approach has its limitations. First, this method is highly dependent on climatic conditions, and sufficient ice can only be collected in severe winters. Secondly, storing ice is also a challenge because without freezing technology, ice melts easily. Finally, transportation of the ice cubes is also a challenge as they need to be delivered to consumers within a short period of time.
KICHKING Commercial Refrigerator & Freezer
In order to solve these problems, in the mid-19th century, people began to build large icehouses and began to use ice ships to transport ice. These icehouses are usually located next to lakes or rivers in the north to collect ice during the winter. The ice would then be loaded onto ice ships and shipped to cities in the south. This method greatly increases the supply of ice cubes and reduces ice melting during transportation.

However, the industry encountered a crisis in the early 20th century. With the development of electricity and refrigeration technology, people no longer need to rely on natural ice. The advent of freezers made it easy to make and store ice at home. This was a major blow to the ice industry and many ice companies had to close.
KICHKING Commercial Refrigerator & Freezer
Although the ice industry no longer exists, it has had a profound impact on our lives. It promotes the development of cold chain logistics and paves the way for modern refrigeration technology. Looking back at history, we can better understand the conveniences we enjoy now and appreciate our lives more.

Overall, the way the ice industry worked before the invention of the freezer is not only an interesting history, but also one full of challenges and innovations. It shows how humans can overcome the limitations of nature through innovation and adaptation, ultimately ushering in a new era.

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