KICHKING 1.7 Cu.ft Mini Merchandiser Refrigerator Cooler Black Countertop Display Glass Door Fridge

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KICHKING 1.7 Cu.ft Compact Mini Fridge Absorption Fridge Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler with Glass Door Under Counter Refrigerator Adjustable Shelves Lock Soda Beer Wine Cooler for Home Office Bar

About this item

  • Compact&Space Saving: 18.1"x18.4"x23.2"(W x D x H). KICHKING absorption mini fridge offers exceptional versatility designed to provide a convenient cooling solution for small spaces. Our beverage refrigerator and cooler boast a compact design. Its slim profile and reversible door enhances its adaptability in confined areas, it easily fits into tight spaces, making it ideal for homes, offices, dorms and everywhere else delivering efficient cooling performance
  • WHISPER QUIET OPERATION: Don't let a noisy appliance disrupt your peace. Without a compressor, our absorption mini fridge operates quietly at almost 0 dB allowing you to enjoy peace and tranquility. KICHKING compact refrigerator ensures a serene environment while keeping your food and drinks at the perfect temperature
  • TEMPERATURE CONTROL: 41° F to 57° F. With its absorption refrigeration system, our mini fridge offers an eco-friendly cooling solution. It is free from CFCs and other harmful refrigerants, making it an environmentally conscious choice for cooling needs. Provides 5 variable temperature settings, and takes full control of beverage chilling
  • BRIGHT VISIBILITY&VERSATILE STORAGE: Boasting TOP LED lighting with longer-lasting illumination for an optimum product presentation! LOW-E Glass door ensures a crystal-clear view of interior and gives full visibility of contents. With its adjustable shelves and spacious interior, our compact beverage cooler offers versatile storage options.Removable shelves allow you to create customized space for larger items. Maximize storage efficiency and keep all your favorite drinks within reach
  • PORTABLE CONVENIENCE: Whether you're going on a road trip, or camping adventure, or simply need an extra fridge for your outdoor activities, KICHKING absorption mini fridge is portable and easy to carry. Enjoy chilled beverages and fresh food wherever you go.1 years warranty on the machine and 3 years warranty
    SKU XC-60T

    Product Dimensions

    18.1 x 18.9 x 23.8 inches
    Capacity 1.7 Cubic Feet
    Door Glass Door
    Special Feature
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    Number of Doors
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    Shelf Type
    removable shelves
KICHKING Mini Merchandiser Refrigerator
KICHKING Mini Merchandiser Refrigerator
KICHKING Mini Merchandiser Refrigerator
KICHKING Mini Merchandiser Refrigerator
KICHKING Mini Merchandiser Refrigerator

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Doug L Williams
I wish it got just a little bit colder.

I have it set on the coldest setting. It is 57 degrees F. That seems to be as cool as this unit will go. For comparison, the crisper in my big refrigerator/freezer is 45 degrees. I use the mini fridge as a snack fridge to store things like fresh produce, pudding snack cups, cupcakes, muffins, and fresh nuts. I really like the clear door. It will keep me from forgetting about fresh produce items and accidently letting them spoil.

5.0 out of 5 stars Absolutely fantastic, high-end, well-made piece of equipment

My expectations were a little bit low for something like this. Mini-fridges usually disappoint in that they're either loud, they don't cool well enough, they're just kind of flimsy - or some combination of all of the above. That absolutely is NOT the case here.

First, this thing is built like a tank. Looking up KichKing, I see that they seem to specialize in professional/commercial kitchen refrigeration solutions, and that seems to carry through to this home unit. It's all metal, has a nice glass front, and has a lot of heft to it. Once I got it to the place where I wanted, I plugged it in - and initially thought it was broken. This was my misunderstanding, as I admittedly didn't understand what exactly an absorption fridge is. After looking it up, I realized that it doesn't make noise because it has no compressor, and that these are commonly used in RVs. Wikipedia says it best: "The system uses two coolants, the first of which performs evaporative cooling and is then absorbed into the second coolant; heat is needed to reset the two coolants to their initial states." And that, then, cools down what looks like a giant metal heat sink plate in the refrigerator and keeps things cool. The result is virtually dead silent operation. The trade off is that it doesn't get things QUITE as cool as a normal fridge - which is fine for me because I prefer to drink things that aren't incredibly cold.

Besides this, it seems to be well insulated, and I like to the nice, small LED lights that turn on when you open the door. It also holds quite a bit. I situated the shelves to be able to hold 20 cans (top and middle) and the bottom holds a combination of cans and some bottles of water that I had to put laying down. You can move the shelves around as you'd expect to be able to accommodate different setups.

Net: This is an overall excellent machine and I highly recommend it - but you'll need to set your expectations correctly around how much it will cool things down. It's operates perfectly silently and it allows you to configure the space to your liking.

Courtland J. Carpenter
Just like they claim it's very very quiet. Thats good because I decided to put it in my bedroom.

Unlike the product page I won't be filling this chock full of beer. It will contain vegetable juice, bottled water and soft drinks. Right now, because my main fridge doesn't have room, I even put in some canned biscuit dough. It's nice to see what I have so I know what to restore, I keep a large table full of various cans and bottles of soft drinks or vegetable juice, and fill this and another small fridge I keep in another room. I had originally put that other mini fridge in my bedroom, but it was noisy. I'd sometimes awake with a start when the compressor kicked on. I've barely noticed the sound of this when awake and not at all when sleeping. It's not very big, my other mini has more storage space, and even a small freezer, this is refrigeration only, no freezer, but has the advantages of being quiet and being able to see the goods. I can get what I want without having to keep it open long when I'm picking something to drink. That makes it even more efficient. Recommended.

Large mini fridge

Doesn’t make any noise easy to install great quality

Great purchase

I was so tired of drinks taking up my fridge space, and this has solved the problem. I keep it on my carport, near the door. It’s awesome! It is also useful during the holidays when I have access food, but mostly I use it for drinks: water, beer, soda and Gatorade.

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