KICHKING Natural Gas 6 Burner 48" Range with 12" Griddle and 2 Standard Ovens - 181,000 BTU

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Our Range and Fryer products are manufactured with a natural gas connection. If you wish to change to a liquid propane connection, you can purchase an liquid propane connection kit for adjustments. Be advised that the connection requires a sealing process, hence it is recommended that a qualified technician perform the replacement.

    • Versatile Cooking Solution: KICHKING gas stove comes with six burners each offering 32,000 BTU, a 24" manual griddle, and two standard ovens with a capacity of 25,000 BTU each. With a total of 181,000 BTU, this commercial gas range is designed to cater to all your cooking needs.You can perform various cooking tasks hard to cook, stir-fry, stew and roast at the same time.
    • Powerful 6 Burners: The KICHKING commercial gas range features 6 burners, each providing 32,000 BTU. This versatile range can accommodate various cooking styles and the generous cooking area caters to diverse culinary needs. NOTE: If you possess professional expertise, feel free to contact us for accessories that can convert this into a liquefied gas range.
    • Two Standard Ovens: The dimensions of the ovens are 20.5"W x 22.3"D x 13.8"H. You can adjust the oven temperature from 200-550°F. Each oven comes with a 25,000 BTU burner and a standard chrome oven rack. With 3 rack positions in the standard oven, chefs can adjust the rack height based on the desired baking results.
    • Independent Control Design: Each burner comes with its own galvanized alloy knob for easy temperature adjustments. The gas stove also features high-adjustable, non-slip legs for added stability. This thoughtful design ensures your kitchen operates smoothly and efficiently.
    • Certified & Warrantied: Our griddles, ovens, and gas ranges are made with top-notch materials and craftsmanship, and are ETL certified in the United States. Enjoy a 1-year warranty on the gas range. If you have any concerns or queries, feel free to contact us. We aim to resolve all issues within 24 hours.

    Product Description

    The KICHKING Commercial Gas Stove, with its 6 burners and 2 Standard Ovens , is an essential tool for any professional chef. It allows them to handle multiple cooking tasks with ease, even during the busiest meal times. KICHKING products are designed with durable and smooth materials, allowing for easy clean-up and long-lasting service.

    Our gas range is constructed from stainless steel and comes with a removable drip pan, ensuring thorough cleaning of residues and oil stains. This keeps your cooking area neat and tidy. Each burner of our gas stove is individually controlled by a galvanized alloy knob, allowing chefs to adjust the temperature with precision.

    The stove is also equipped with height-adjustable, non-slip legs, guaranteeing stability and even cooking. You don't have to worry about your stove moving or shaking while in use. These thoughtful features make your kitchen operations more efficient and comfortable.

    Our products are ETL certified in the United States and come with detailed installation and usage instructions. Following these instructions will ensure many years of satisfactory performance from your range. We recommend that you read the entire manual and follow all the instructions carefully for optimal usage.


    SS Temp Control Knob

    The temperature can be controlled through a knob, making it easy to adjust and control the temperature.

    There are corresponding switches for controlling different open top burners and griddles.


    Stainless Steel Surface

    The surface is smooth for use and easy to clean to reduce your clean mission after a whole day of work.

    It's a good choice for teppanyaki, frying steak, broiling bacon, burgers, cheesesteaks, and other meats.

    And the Stainless Steel is stable enough to prevent corrosion.


    Removable Iron Grates

    The grates is removable and it's easy to take fast cleaning whlie ending work.

    Made with cast iron, the grates are with good performance of thermal conductivity.


    Inner Baking Shelf

    The oven of the cooking group comes with 1 baking tray. You can adjust it at three different positions to use appropriate duration and degree of heating for food.


    Stainless Steel Shelf

    For a chef, the stainless steel shelf is very convenient, allowing for easy placement of commonly used items such as pot caps, seasoning bottles, and insulated gloves, which can greatly improve efficiency when cooking.


    Adjustable Foot

    The height of the foot is adjustable, which lifts the whole cooking group up to prevent getting dirty from water or dirt on the floor and makes it easy to clean everywhere on the kitchen floor.


    Product Dimensions 48 x 33.6 x 59 inches
    Manufacturer KICHKING
    BTU  181,000 BTU
    Fuel Type Gas
    Control Type Manual
    Temperature Range 200-550 Degrees F
    Number of Burners 6
    Number of Ovens 2

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