The Correct Use and Misconceptions of Commercial Refrigerators
In the food and catering industry, commercial refrigerators are indispensable equipment. They provide the necessary preservation environment for our food, ensuring the freshness and taste of the food. However, although the use of commercial refrigerators seems simple, there are many misconceptions in actual operation. This article will delve into the correct use of commercial refrigerators and common misconceptions.

I. Correct use of commercial refrigerators:

1. Temperature control: The correct temperature setting is the primary task of a commercial refrigerator. The temperature of the refrigerator should be adjusted according to the type of food stored. For example, meat and dairy products need to be stored at lower temperatures, while vegetables and fruits need to be stored at slightly higher temperatures.

2. Regular cleaning: In order to maintain the good operating condition of the refrigerator, it should be cleaned regularly. The cleaning should thoroughly clean the inside of the refrigerator, including the cooler, fan, and drainage pipes.

3. Proper food placement: The placement of food in the refrigerator is also an issue that needs attention. Food should be placed in layers, different types of food should be stored separately to prevent cross-contamination between foods.

II. Common misconceptions of commercial refrigerators:

1. The colder the refrigerator, the better: This is a very common misconception. Too low temperatures can cause food to freeze, affecting the taste and nutritional value of the food. At the same time, too low temperatures will also increase the energy consumption of the refrigerator.

2. The refrigerator can be placed randomly: In fact, the location of the refrigerator has a great impact on its operating efficiency. The refrigerator should avoid being placed in direct sunlight or high temperature environments to prevent the refrigerator from running excessively.

3. The refrigerator can be left unclean for a long time: This is a serious misunderstanding of the refrigerator's lifespan. The dirt and food residues inside the refrigerator will affect the efficiency of the refrigerator, and not cleaning for a long time may also cause the refrigerator to be damaged.


The correct use and maintenance of commercial refrigerators are crucial for ensuring food quality and extending the life of the equipment. We should develop good habits, avoid common misconceptions, and enable commercial refrigerators to perform at their best. At the same time, we should also pay attention to new technologies and new products of refrigerators in order to better meet our needs.

In general, the use and maintenance of commercial refrigerators are not complicated. As long as we master the correct methods, we can avoid many unnecessary troubles. I hope this article can provide some references and help for everyone when using commercial refrigerators.

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